Academy students meeting in real life: Kim Hobbs (Los Angeles), Phoebe Sherman (San Francisco) and Tiffany Toombs (Calgary).

Academy students meeting in real life: Kim Hobbs (Los Angeles), Phoebe Sherman (San Francisco) and Tiffany Toombs (Calgary).



She is the hero of her journey, and solidly in it. She believes in something bigger than herself and is motivated intrinsically to serve and do her part to make the world a better place.  She spends her days pondering ways that she can help others.  She is fit, and active and social.

She is aware of her internal dialogue and is invested in self-discovery and improvement, she doesn’t shy away from sitting still but she sometimes feels resistance to this because she is juggling many things.  She doesn’t fit easily into one box; she is dynamic, powerful, graceful, creative, intelligent and evolved.  Sometimes this feels heavy to her and she craves clarity and direction.

She walks lightly and errors on the side of being small, this is unintentional and mostly a byproduct of conditioning or old programming. She has had to overcome personal obstacles, and she continues to work on overcoming them. She is humble, and grateful. She is intuitive and empathetic, kind and conscientious.  She knows her strengths and her weaknesses but does not feel limited by them.

She feels her power, and knows it, but has difficulty trusting it and using it in big ways.  She wants to surround herself with other women who inspire her to be fully in her power, and she really wants to be seen for who she really is.

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Truth is paramount to her, and she practices speaking hers.  She wants to be better about setting boundaries, about how she feels about her body, about how she manages all of the things in her life.  She has big ideas and sometimes feels overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

She is constantly balancing time for herself with all that she does to serve others and often feels depleted.  She lives with fear of failure, security, not being good enough, and has feelings of undeserving.  She wants to feel valued for the work that she does but she knows that she has a hard time putting a value on this work and asking for it.

She is currently juggling too many things and dreaming of days where she can follow her heart and live a life that feels happier and more easy.  Her abundance comes from multiple sources and her income gives her a bit of security but she feels like she spends most of her time worried about this security and less about trusting her heart.

She invests in professionals to help her, and values healers and wisdom.  She is well-read, college educated, and constantly learning, she knows that she has the power to create her own reality but she often needs gentle reminders to stay in her flow and think positively.  She is a solopreneur who wears many hats.

She craves time for herself and knows how to create a self-love ritual and how important this is.  She has difficulty sometimes sticking to routines and being disciplined about the work at hand.

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She is a smart, but practical dresser and a creature of habit. She often purchases the same brands and is a loyal customer.  She believes in holistic and integrative medicines and is open-minded to new concepts and theories.

She is at a crossroads in her life where she really wants to follow her heart and trust that the path will be right and support her fully and she is ready to surround herself with a sisterhood of support and hire a teacher, coach, guide to help her find her way to the spirit she knows is inside of her.


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