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If you have an Instagram account, you are one of 600 million people who do. 400 million people are active on Instagram every day.  That's a lot of people in the space, and a lot of people wanting to carve out their own space.

There are 8 million registered businesses on Instagram and this number is growing every day.  If you are in business, or have a brand of any kind, there is no better place to be than Instagram.

This toolkit is for you if you are new to Instagram and want to learn the basics, if you have been on Instagram for a long time and want to learn the tricks, use Instagram for your business, want to grow your account and/or create a strategy for growth and/or marketing.

In this toolkit you will receive:

1 hour online face-to-face with Pat Bailey
An initial Instagram audit of current account
(Beginners:  Instagram Basics & How-To for all features)
A list of Do's and Don't for Instagram
Tutorial for creating an Instagram/Brand Style Guide
Sample Style Guides for inspiration
A list of tools for editing, planning and scheduling your content
How-to for creating a strategy for growth and/or marketing

Purchase your toolkit here, and you will receive a confirmation email and instructions for scheduling your one-on-one online session with Pat Bailey.

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