The Hell Yes Life Passport experience is a 6-days and 7-nights experience in Paris designed to remind you what it feels like to live in a dream where anything is possible. Paris is the absolute perfect backdrop for this experience - it is dreamy in every way without my help.

This is an intimate experience for women to come together in shared space, it is a personally designed Paris experience full of my very favorite people, experiences, places, food, and many, many magical surprises. You will be buzzing with a frequency you haven’t felt in a long time, maybe for the first time. You will feel the incredible vibration and inspiration this city touches every single person with. You will be surrounded by inspiring women here in Paris living their dreams and following their hearts. You will wake up one morning and receive a big surprise that may be on your Bucket List. You will feel new, recharged, creative and ready to return home with a plan to begin manifesting your next dream. This experience will change you, and how you think and feel about the life you are living and the dreams you are manifesting.



This is a one-of-a-kind, unique and carefully curated Paris experience. We will explore off-the-beaten-path, local and incredibly intimate experiences designed and curated especially for this group and this week.

Here is a glimpse of our tentative itinerary (I’ve purposely left a few of the biggest surprises out so that I don’t spoil them for you.)

DAY 1 - Welcome to Paris and to your newest Hell Yes Life experience! We will gather for a very special welcome dinner at our private penthouse apartment in the center of the city and you will want to pinch yourself when you arrive. There will be tears, there will be laughter, there will be beautiful food prepared with love just for us, and this first night will set the bar high for our week together. I will bid you “Sweet Dreams” with a special live entertainment surprise.

DAY 2 - It’s Friday in Paris! Each morning together will begin with an optional invitation to join me for an early morning guided meditation that will be cozy, sacred, and heart-opening - let’s sit together and begin the day in a deeply grounding way. A traditional French breakfast will be waiting for you each morning in our penthouse kitchen, if you are an early morning coffee and juice girl and craving the best croissants in Paris your heart will be fed with these things and more. Today we begin with a visit to the newest and most unique museum in Paris, followed by a very special personal tour of Montmartre given by one of my favorite new friends who knows this neighborhood like the back of her hand - and she may even sing to us along the way. We will dine where Amelie did for lunch and then take a little break for you to catch your breath before we head out to a Gong Bath and late dinner at one of my favorite Indian spots on the Left Bank. It will be a full first day that will end with a sweet surprise that I hope will leave you dreaming big.

DAY 3 - Happy Saturday, the weekend is here and you are in Paris! I will invite you to put on your walking shoes and something you’d like to be photographed in as we make our way to one of my favorite spots: the Palais Royal. Today’s guided meditation will be in your ears when we arrive to this visually stunning backdrop that invites creativity. You’ll hear my voice guiding you to imagine, create, be, feel, listen…and dance. Photos will be snapped, your first of many beautiful souviners of this special week together and then we will make our way to a table with the best view of the Louvre and Saturday people watching - there you will sip on something yummy. Picasso and art in lights will fill our afternoon with delight and we will feast on Japanese sandwiches that will fill you in every way. After a short break we will gather in our penthouse for a private dinner made by one of my favorite private chefs in Paris, she’s young and French and vegetarian…the perfect combination for this week’s medicine. A very special guest will join us for dinner and tell us about her book “Paris Undressed: The Secret to French Lingerie,” followed by a sweet surprise that will be apropos for the evening.

DAY 4 - Sundays in Paris are my very favorite… I can’t tell you much about this day on our itinerary here because the day is filled from start to finish with one of the biggest and most magical surprises of the trip and I can hardly keep it to myself. This day will be one of your favorites ever, and trust me…you won’t believe what we are going to do together!

DAY 5 - It’s Monday, a brand-new week and you are in Paris! We begin our week and day with a guided meditation in the penthouse before heading to a private tour of one of the most famous and delicious bakeries in Paris. This visit is made extra special because the owner is a dear friend and she has agreed to give us a private tour and tell us the story of her family business - this tour will be followed by a yummy breakfast/brunch in the adjoining cafe. We will walk off our breakfast by exploring my old neighborhood of Saint Germain, a spot in Paris filled with many famous places to snap a photo. We have a shopping tour in our future on this day, it might be a lingerie tour or a vintage tour…or both and our tour guide is one of my dear friends who designs totes and has moved to Paris to follow her heart, you will love her. After a bit of free time we will do some attic dreaming and journalling at Shakespeare & Company, one of my favorite places to dream. We will make our way to Rasa Yoga for a Bhakti Yoga Class taught be me, prepare to sing and flow gently. Our light dinner après yoga will consist of yummy pizza at Pink Mama followed by a visit to one of the many speakeasies in Paris. You will get a glimpse of the Moulin Rouge on our way back home, and I hope you will be smiling from ear-to-ear.

DAY 6 - Happy Tuesday, love! By now our guided meditation time together has become a juicy start that you look forward to, and me too. We’ll pop out for an adventurous day of foodie exploration starting with Love bowls and fresh juice at one of my very favorite and very tiny little spots in the Marais. This will be followed by a Marais food tour; the Jewish district in Paris boasts some of the yummiest delights and we will discover all of them together with our tour guide who knows this neighborhood and its delicious findings. We’ll package some of these up to enjoy while we do something very French and very Parisian…our picnic will include an incredible view and if you feel like a bike ride along the Seine we may do this too. After a short break to rest we’ll make our way to one of Paris’ most famous ladies (you are encouraged to don your favorite Sex and the City couture for a photo opportunity with her), followed by a fancy cocktail experience before our private penthouse dinner. We’ll enjoy another dinner with another incredible guest and a surprise serenade to send you off to dreaming.

DAY 7 - Are you pinching yourself? I hope so! It’s our last day together and today’s guided meditation will be in your ears as we make our way from our penthouse along a very special route to the Jardin du Luxembourg, it is my voice you will hear guiding you along this path as we breathe, walk, listen, feel, love, smile and dance together along the way. (You may cry too because I did, and it’s beautiful.) Once we arrive in the most famous garden of Paris we will feast on my favorite croissant in Paris and sip on hot chocolate while we do what the French do…enjoy the park and a really beautiful book. After our park-ing and book talk we will make our way to Treize Bakery Paris where the sign will welcome you with “Bonjour Y’all” and this says it all - you will feel right at home with this French “comfort food,” and the Instagramable ambiance will make you smile. You’ll want a nap or free time after this big morning and that is just what we’ll do before heading to a private Paris apartment for Kundalini with my teacher whom I adore. You will feel very French and very alive after this incredibly local experience that I do every week. Our farewell dinner will be waiting for us in the penthouse after our class, and we will have a very special closing circle together.

DAY 8 - À bientot mon amie! It’s not a good-bye but a so long and see you soon! I will send you off with one last early morning guided meditation in our penthouse and a French breakfast along with a little goodie bag for your travels.



The invitation to join me for this week in Paris is an invitation to your heart, to your true self, to the dreaming part of you - the part that might be asleep and need a bit of waking.

Are you head down, moving a lot and fast, have you forgotten what it feels like to be happy, to be free, to be…alive and creative? Are you looking for a little shake, or a big one? Do you crave feeling inspired and creative or want a fresh start? Do you need to plug in and recharge or recalibrate your vibration and frequency so that you are in better alignment and/or vibrating at a higher frequency? If you said, “HELL YES!” to any of these, this week is for you.

My intention is to treat you, to spoil you, to love you, to host you, to inspire you, to remind you…to serve you, but most of all to show you by example what is possible when you leap, when you listen to your heart and follow it - when you face your fears and say yes.

This will be a week of dreaming, this will be a week of an alternate reality, this will be a week of you treating yourself bravely and trusting that this type of abundance, creativity, happiness, beauty and high vibration living is yours and you deserve it. It will open you up, you will experience flow state, you will experience love and you will cry because it will feel so good and so beautiful. And, you will remember…you will remember what it feels like to be deeply connected to you, to your heart, to your true north…and I will welcome you home.

It is my intention to host you in Paris in every way, to give you the very best experience I can and to surround you with incredible women I have met here who are following their hearts and living their dreams in a city that their hearts called them to. It is my intention to create and hold space for us to see and feel this deeply, for you to know that this is possible for you too.



The work for this week is to arrive wide open, to receive and to listen carefully. The work for this week is to let yourself be inspired in every way. There will be yoga, guided meditation, Kundalini and breath work. There will be a book talk, dream journaling, manifesting, vortex and flow state exercises. There will be photo shoots, tastings, tours and many opportunities to explore your creativity. This is a week of vibing from your head to your toes, it is a week of sisterhood, and it is a week of being in my embrace.

Join me in Paris…let’s manifest together. I love you.