Praise is gold! The following testimonials and words of praise are written by Influencers, Brands, students, colleagues and various brand partners and collaborating partners.

One of the most powerful things that I have learned as a student in The Hell Yes Academy, is to take my product and give it a story and a visual representation, and give it a life of its own.
— Tina Gray, Hell Yes Academy Graduate
Pat Bailey has literally changed my life. And I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Ever since our first in-person meeting she keeps coming back into my life. Working with her on campaigns for The Hell Yes Agency allowed me to expand my personal brand and work with some amazing brands and companies. Being part of her Hell Yes Academy has further changed how I perceive the work I do and the value I have to add in this world. Each time I connect with her she opens me up to something new and amazing. The energy that flows through her is unlike any I have ever experienced in another person and that’s what keeps drawing me back to her. Pat has become a mentor and friend and a person I trust to help me create incredible things for me, and for this world.
— Clarissa, Influencer & Academy Student
The people in The Hell Yes Academy group itself have been incredibly supportive and inspiring to me. Beyond the friendships I’ve made, I’ve learned so much about the depth to which heart-based branding/marketing goes. I’ve considered things I never would have thought of previously.
— Tiffany Toombs, Blue Lotus Mind & Hell Yes Academy Graduate
I’m thankful to Pat for bringing me in as a mentor in The Hell Yes Academy, because I’m learning so much, while also being able to share my knowledge.

The Hell Yes Agency has helped me start saying no to the things that don’t instantly make my heart say “Hell Yes”!
— Cheryl, Influencer & Academy Mentor
The Hell Yes Agency, and Pat, are the absolute best. A business truly run with a strategy for success. You can feel the positive vibes behind the company. Consistent work and a company that truly cares about their clients. Professional, hardworking, and loving. Hell Yes!
— Drew, Influencer