Most of my 46th and 47th years were spent alone, I've lived on my own since my marriage ended nearly 14 years ago, and some of the deepest loneliness I have ever felt in my life has been in relationships that weren't serving me.
There is a Sioux saying that says, "The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart," I know now that beyond this, the most profound journey you will make in your life is the journey within.
Making this journey a priority, taking time to cultivate it, and honoring it and its teachings can mean a life of awareness, clarity, deeper love, and a new love and appreciation for yourself.
This magic is waiting for you. I have a map, the tools, a wide-open heart, and endless love to share with you as you take the first steps...together we can dance in the sacred space I am creating for women to do this work.

Manifesting Love: A Journey Within is an intense introductory 8-week program for women on their path of self discovery. It is a sacred and safe space to participate in a collective conversation about the journey to wholeness. The program’s intention is to arm students with the tools, resources and map to do their independent deep work around love both within and outside of themselves. The hope is that when students graduate they will have keen awareness and a firm plan for manifesting love that is better aligned with their true self.

  • Limited Students by Application or Invitation Only

  • Sessions Occur January-February, April-May, July-August, October-November

  • 16 Online Workshops/Classes (Twice a Week)

  • Up to 8 One-on-One Calls with Pat Bailey

  • Unlimited One-on-One Access to Pat Bailey

  • Lifetime Access to The Private Facebook Group

  • 8-Week Guiding Workbook