A few years ago I was visiting Paris for the month of August as I had the last few summers, and I was returning home from a beautiful afternoon of exploring Montmartre. My time was coming to an end and I was starting to feel the sadness I feel each time I leave a place I love.

I was in an Uber and suddenly I heard myself think, “this is the place you need to be.” A testament to my yoga and meditation, I caught the thought in a net and began to witness it. My first reaction was goosebumps and a visceral, human response that included instant happiness, a state of dreaming and fantasy and an increased heart rate. What I witnessed next was an almost instant, more practical stream of thoughts that began to rationalize how silly this idea was. “How?” “You cannot afford to be here,” “What will happen to your apartment in California?” “You’ll miss your family,” and a stream of other thoughts that blended into one as I began to recognize they were coming from my head.

The first thought was a heart message, straight from my spirit - and as Abraham Hicks might say, an urge to act upon, something in my vortex.

As I witnessed the contrasting thoughts I let them tell their story.



Most of us have no trouble hearing our desires, feeling them and dreaming about them - I would argue that we spend most of our days in this dreamy place, easily. It’s the “what now?” that separates those who manifest and those who keep dreaming and waiting. In this “what now?” phase we have a few very important tasks, and they are not for the faint at heart. First, we have to focus all of our energy on feeling as if the thing we want has already happened, because we know that when we embody this vibration the thing attaches itself to us - or something of a like vibration attaches itself to us. This takes full focus, and more dreaming.

The second task involves blind faith and trust - surrender and letting go. Most people think they have to work harder, hustle, try, try, try…struggle, swim upstream, DO something to manifest, but the truth is we dream (ask), then feel (align) and then surrender (let go and trust), simply and not so simply. This takes A LOT of courage. This takes deep breaths. This takes patience. Master this and you can and will manifest anything and everything you want.

The third task, and a common hurdle for most people, is to stop focusing on the “how.” It is not our job to facilitate the dream, it is our job to dream the dream, to want the dream, to feel as if the dream is ours and then to trust and let go. “Let go to who?” you ask? To your number one magical personal assistant who has access to all of the magic in the entire Universe, and even better? She wants to give it all to you! You are partners, co-conspirators. This assistant can be called The Universe, Source, God…whatever you believe, it is the higher power that you believe in, that you are devoted to, that you trust, that you are grateful to.



My Paris dream came true because I knew by listening to my heart that it was something the deepest part of me wanted, I could feel it. It came true because instead of letting my head over-ride the conversation and derail me, I let my heart guide me - I listened to it and focused on the feeling it gave me as I listened. I said, “HELL YES HEART! I WANT THIS AND IT IS MINE!”

I began to see myself in Paris in all ways and when I heard a thought that was fear-based, or related to “how,” or a hurdle of any other kind, I practiced reprogramming this thought on-the-spot with a dreamy thought about how it felt to be already in Paris. It’s during this phase that people think you are crazy, especially if you are being brave enough to share your plan. I started telling people I was moving to Paris…

I let go. I dreamed, felt, imagined, wanted, and then I LET GO. And, I trusted that it would happen, or something as magical, because the feeling my heart was telling me was so certain that it couldn’t be any other way.

And you know what happened?

The studio in Paris magically appeared, my family said “GO!” the work lined up, new friends started to appear, magical Paris opportunities presented themselves…all of it began to happen, and just over six months after the initial thought in my Uber I was indeed living in Paris.

Living in Paris in the most perfect little studio in the most perfect neighborhood with a balcony and sunshine and the entire city at my fingertips. And I have been since. Not a day goes by that I don’t pinch myself and say thank you.



Every day I wake up wishing I could give this power to dream and manifest to every single person on the planet - especially the people who have forgotten that they have the power and opportunity to manifest anything they want.

I want to share this power, this knowledge, this experience with YOU.

I’ve been dreaming of The Hell Yes Life Passport experience since I began this work nearly three years ago, and trusting and letting go that the timing would be divine when it was right - and the time is now. I am SO excited to share this experience now.

The Hell Yes Life Passport experience is a 7-day experience in Paris designed to remind you what it feels like to live in a dream where anything is possible. Paris is the absolute perfect backdrop for this experience - it is dreamy in every way without my help.

This is an intimate experience for women to come together in shared space, it is a personally designed Paris experience full of my very favorite people, experiences, places, food, and many, many magical surprises. You will be buzzing with a frequency you haven’t felt in a long time, maybe for the first time. You will feel the incredible vibration and inspiration this city touches every single person with. You will be surrounded by inspiring women here in Paris living their dreams and following their hearts. You will wake up one morning and receive a big surprise that may be on your Bucket List. You will feel new, recharged, creative and ready to return home with a plan to begin manifesting your next dream. This experience will change you, you will never be the same.

I cannot wait to be your hostess, to remind you and inspire you…and to welcome you back to YOUR Hell Yes Life!