My name is Patricia Russo but most people know me by Pat Bailey, a brand I’ve been authentically growing since 1995.  I am the first born of five girls and I was raised in a modest home with an Army dad and really beautiful, traditional values.

I have a common story of a tough childhood and navigating hardship with my father.  I was a girl who could connect to a spirit/source bigger than me from the time I can remember – and this is what I tell people when they ask me when my yoga practice started.  I have spent my lifetime weaving in and out of this connectedness, at times feeling very in my flow and at times feeling so far away from it that I have lost myself.  I am an Empath and Intuitive, I've spent my life growing into the healer that I am today.

It should come as no surprise that I am a Bhakti Yogi.  I earned my 250HR Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Certification with Rusty Wells in San Francisco in 2014.  I also hold a B.S. in Secondary Education from Indiana University and I taught high school English for eight years, my first years out of college. I feel deeply called to be a teacher, it is very much my dharma and where I feel the most in my flow.

From the time I was a high school teacher until three years ago I juggled my passion or heart projects with a corporate job.  I am a serial entrepreneur with a big creative appetite, and as a result I have created and owned a handful of businesses including a wedding and events planning company (social butterfly), a lifestyle blog (love lust butterflies), a marketing and events firm (Pat Bailey Presents) and more recently an Influencer Marketing Agency (The Hell Yes Agency), a branding academy (The Hell Yes Academy) and I’ve published my first poetry book (These Words).  

I have always been a writer but I struggled in school.  I found my wings in college and fell in-love with literature and poetry.  Writing has always been a form of healing for me, and I have always been a vulnerable, but brave writer and storyteller.

It has taken me most of my 47 years to figure it out – The Hell Yes Life.  It took a few big shakes, an even bigger pause, lots of time alone and many years of deep, deep introspection and self-discovery.  Today I am creating a life that I love, doing things I love, surrounded by people I love,  on my own terms. 

My Influencer Marketing Agency, called The Hell Yes Agency, was created in 2015 by happenstance (serendipitously?) as I learned how to monetize my personal influence in an authentic way.  Out of this came The Hell Yes Academy which allows me the great honor of combining my wisdom, healing and experience into one space and offering.  My niche is yogic branding, intentional living and mindful work, and I coach with my heart forward – putting all of the pieces of me together into this profound work that causes big shifts in the people I work with.

Because I know the power of creating my own reality, and if you can really have anything you ask for, I also travel around the world creating content for brands in written and visual form for a living.

I invite you to join me in living a Hell Yes life!